Health Plan Administrators, Inc. (HPA)

HPA has provided creative and need fulfilling health care solutions for more than 60 years, and strive to maintain their cost-effective options. HPA specializes in getting you the coverage you need at the times you most need it.

At HPA, they are aware of the alarming percentage of low wage workers who go without health insurance (almost 50%!), which is why they make it their mission to make their service accessible to anyone who may be in need of such a plan.  People such as temporary employees and contingent workers who are less likely to receive health insurance from their employers as well as those who are between jobs.

HPA Health Insurance Products and Services

Health Plan Administrators, Inc. offers short-term policies as well as travel and dental insurance plans.

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Short-Term Medical

Temporary Health Insurance for 30 days to 6 or 12 months.

  • Secure STM and Secure 12×3 STM

Rx-Pay Card

  • Prescription Drugs: $10 Generic and $20 Preferred Name Brand
  • Prescription Discount Program

Individual and Group Dental

Dental Insurance for you and your family.

  • The Secure DentalOne — (Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York) Dental Insurance for individuals and their families
  • The Competitor Smile Dental — (Security Life Ins. Co.) Dental Insurance for individuals and their families
  • The Competitor Award — (Security Life Ins. Co. of America) Group Dental Plan

International Medical Benefits

Travel Insurance for U.S. and Foreigners.

Product availability varies by state. Please contact Health Plan Administrators for more details.

Contact Health Plan Administrators, Inc.

P.O. Box 15250
Rockford, IL 61108