HealthSpring, Inc. (HealthSpring) is a managed care organization dedicated to providing quality and affordable health care to residents of Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, and Mississippi. HealthSpring is based in Nashville, Tennessee and has been operating for more than 20 years, providing quality health insurance that you can count on. HealthSpring plans focuses primarily on Medicare, though they also have plans for Individuals and small businesses.

HealthSpring Medical Insurance Plans

HealthSpring’s Medicare Advantage plans provide services to Medicare eligible members with benefits that are at least comparable to those offered under traditional Medicare fee-for-service plans. HealthSpring’s Medicare health plans and their national standalone prescription drug plan (PDP) plan make them the best choice for Medicare eligible residents.

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HealthSpring’s Medicare Advantage Plan allows you to get generic prescription drug coverage, discounts on brand-name drugs, vision and hearing benefits, and transportation programs. A great compliment to this plan is their Life Enhancement Program, which is aimed to get you quality care so that you can stay healthy phy6sically as well as emotionally.

Benefits from HealthSpring’s Medicare Advantage Plans include:

  • Transportation to your pharmacy or physician’s office
  • Fitness center membership
  • Additional preventive care coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage

HealthSpring also provides small business employee benefit packages.* These plans offer a wide range of co-pay and deductible options, to ensure that your employee’s needs are met with managed care coverage. These plans include comprehensive health care as well as some added perks:

  • Chiropractic Services
  • Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Vision Coverage

In addition, HealthSpring also provides HMO, PPO, and other commercial health plans.*

  • HealthSpring Freedom Plus
  • HealthSpring Primary Plus
  • HealthSpring Premium POS Plus
*Plan availability varies depending on your region. Check with their regional specifics to find out more about your options in your area.

HealthSpring Company Ratings

AM Best: C+ pd*

*A ‘pd’ rating is an A.M. Best opinion of the long term financial strength of an insurer or reinsurer. They are expressed using the same rating scale and definitions as A.M. Bests interactive ratings of long-term financial strength but have a ‘pd’ rating modifier applied to ensure the user is aware of the more limited information basis for the rating.

The ratings above are a reflection of a company’s financial strength and potential for long term survival.

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