Health Insurance and Married Couples

Whether it is by choice or by incident, not all married couples have children. Without children in the picture, obtaining a health insurance policy for a family is a different process than it is for people who do have children.

Heath Insurance Options for Married Couples

Employee-Plus-Spouse – Obtaining a family plan can be a little trickier for married couples that do not have children. Thankfully, many employers have begun offering more flexible family health insurance plans to their employees. One of the more popular ones, frequently called Employee-Plus-Spouse, offers the insured maximum flexibility. This plan offers coverage for the employee and their spouse. Many couples find this unique plan quite affordable.

Two Individuals – If a unique program such as Employee plus spouse is not an option for you, then you and your spouse may want to consider purchasing two individual health insurance plans instead of a family plan. Many married couples find this option to be much more affordable than a family plan they don’t need.

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Cutting Health Insurance Costs

If an unmarried couple does not plan on having children and has definitive measures to ensure that they do not have any surprise pregnancies down the road, there are certain things the couple can do in order to lower their health insurance costs. For example, the couple will not require prenatal care coverage, which may lower costs.

Married couples who do not have children face unique challenges when it comes to choosing a health care plan. They want comprehensive coverage, but it can be difficult to find at a low rate.

Whether they utilize unique programs such as Employee-Plus-Spouse, elect to have to individual health care plans instead of a family plan, or decide to cut health care costs in other ways, there are solutions out there that will offer married couples all the health care coverage they need at an affordable price.