There are a number of health care insurers which provide services to a wide array of individuals. Some health care insurers are general in nature whereby all groups of individuals are able to become members whereas others cater to a specific group of members. Omnicare is one type of specialty health insurer which caters to the senior citizen group and currently serves over 1.4 million members throughout 46 states and Canada who reside in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other health care facilities. This insurer not only provides pharmaceutical services for senior citizens but offers a variety of other services as well.

Omnicare’s Health Products and Services

The main service offered by Omnicare is medications and drug distribution services to its senior citizen members. Omnicare offers pharmaceutical plans for individuals to take advantage of and obtain prescriptions at a discounted amount via this type of insurance. They target their services towards assisted living facilities and nursing homes where many senior citizens need to have prescriptions filled on a frequent basis and take medications regularly. The services offered by this company provide a way for members to acquire their necessary medications and not have to pay the regular cost for prescriptions. In addition to offering medication services, Omnicare also provides other services such as pharmaceutical consulting and health management programs.

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