PacifiCare is a United Healthcare affiliated company which offers a variety of insurance benefits and services to its members. PacifiCare serves members in a number of states and one is sure to find a health plan which suits their individual needs. From individual/family plans to group health plans, this company aims to serve a wide group of individuals.

PacifiCare Benefits and Services

There are a number of benefits and services offered by PacifiCare. One who is a member of this company will receive access to a number of health plan options and access to a large number of in-network physicians. Depending on the state in which one resides, some will have access to over 47,000 physicians from which to choose their primary care provider.

Other benefits and services include online access for gaining health information, viewing providers and even refilling pharmaceutical prescriptions. PacifiCare is also dedicated to not only covering medical needs with regard to payments but also helping to ensure the optimal health and wellness of its members by providing information and guidance in one’s quest for the best possible state of wellness.

PacifiCare Company Ratings

A.M. Best: A-

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