Health Insurance and Preexisting Conditions

The term pre-existing condition is one which many who have health insurance or have reviewed health insurance documents may be familiar with. A pre-existing condition as it relates to health insurance is a medical condition which predates one’s inception of health insurance coverage. In other words, the individual had the medical condition present before they were insured by a particular insurance company. What is considered to be a pertinent pre-existing condition will vary depending on the particular insurance company however there are some specific medical conditions which many insurance companies list as being important with regard to pre-existence. The following paragraphs will discuss some of these conditions as well as provide details on the types of coverage available to you if you have these medical conditions prior to signing up for insurance coverage:

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Common Types of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

There are a few different types of pre-existing conditions which insurance companies agree will affect the type of coverage which is available to newly insured individuals. Some of these include pregnancy, diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff injuries, bone spurs, fibromyalgia, depression, psoriasis and abscess. Although these are just a few of the often cited pre-existing conditions which prospective insureds present with, they are ones which come up time and time again. Although the severity of each medical condition varies amongst individuals, some companies will dictate that if one has a condition of this type, they are automatically put into a special category which caters to individuals with prior medical conditions.

Types of Health Care Coverage Available to Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

You or your family members who experience pre-existing conditions may feel as if you have no chance at obtaining health care coverage which will tend to the needs of the pre-existing conditions. However, this is not entirely true. There are certain forms of health care coverage which do in fact cover conditions which came into effect before you became an insured of the company. The following is not a definitive list of providers who always offer coverage for those with pre-existing conditions however it is one which lists providers who may at times give those with prior medical issues a break.

One will find that some of the more common health care insurers include group health plans through your employer, basic health insurance plans through individual insurance companies, public assistance plans and high risk insurance pools offered by your state. Although some may offer coverage right away to those with pre-existing medical conditions, most will make the new insured wait a certain period of time prior to covering those conditions and/or charge an extra amount on the premium for doing so. With that said, it is good to know that there are insurers which realize the importance of covering your pre-existing medical conditions and find ways to do so.