Pregnancy is a medical condition which, although wonderful in and of itself, may prove trying for those who do not currently have health insurance or who are interested in switching insurance coverage plans for one reason or another. With pregnancy comes a multitude of office visits, exams and tests which all add up in the eyes of the insurer. Many insurance companies view pregnancy as a pre-existing condition for those who acquire a new plan with their company and are already pregnant. This presents a problem for some who may face a waiting period when joining a plan while already a few months along. It is good to know, however, that there are options available to those searching for insurance when they know that they are already pregnant.

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Problems Pregnant Women Face Getting Insurance Coverage

Some may experience problems when trying to obtain a new insurance policy while they are pregnant. Since insurance companies often treat pre-existing conditions in a separate category when offering insurance plans to prospective insureds, if you are currently pregnant you may find that waiting periods and/or high costs of insurance coverage plans are present. This is an issue for many as one who is pregnant cannot wait for their insurance plan to kick in after a few months as they need to have regular doctor’s office visits, exams and tests throughout all months of their pregnancy.

The insurance company on the other hand is reluctant to take on new customers who already have medical issues which need immediate attention. With that said, there are solutions for pregnant women who are seeking medical health insurance and do not wish to be put through a waiting period in order to obtain one.

Insurance Options for Pregnant Women Seeking New Coverage

The insurance options available to pregnant women who wish to change insurance companies and plans during their pregnancy depends on the type of coverage which they are currently under. For example, if you have group health insurance through your current employer and are changing jobs, you will have the most luck with obtaining a new insurance plan without a big hassle. So long as the woman’s insurance plan includes maternity coverage, she is able to enter her new group health plan and have her maternity costs covered due to the federal law known as HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This provides peace of mind for the pregnant woman who wishes to change jobs yet still have her maternity costs covered by health insurance.

On the other hand, if you have an individual health insurance plan, HIPAA is not a factor and you may have to pay extra money in order to have the pregnancy costs covered under the new insurance plans. If you cannot find a new health insurance company to cover you or if the costs are simply too high, you may wish to visit a few different alternatives. Government assistance programs relating to health care coverage might be an option but may only be so if the woman is of a lower income and falls within the required income bracket. If you have had group health insurance in the past and are leaving your current job yet not gaining a new one, you might opt to go on a guarantee issue individual policy. This type of policy may be offered by various individual insurance companies and will provide maternity health insurance coverage to new clients so long as they have been in group coverage for 18 months prior.