Answers to Your Health Reform Questions

Earlier this year, on March 23, 2010, Obama’s ground-breaking health care reform was signed into action under the “core principle that everybody should have some basic security when it comes to their health care.” The Patient Protection and Affordability Act has already begun making tremendous changes to the health care system in America, with the most substantial provisions not coming into effect until 2014.

Obama-care will require nearly every United States citizen and legal resident to have health insurance, meaning that over 32 million Americans will be purchasing a health care plan over the course of the next four years. Through the reform, individuals typically denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions will now be able to afford the coverage that they need. Low-income families who previously were not able to provide their families with coverage will also receive government subsidies to make decent coverage more affordable.

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According to a recent poll by Thomson Reuters, only 14% of Americans are aware of the health reform provisions taking place as early as September 2010. Whether you are for or against the coming changes, chances are that Obama-care will have an effect on you and your family in one way or another. Do you have questions about the health care reform and when certain provisions will come into place? You are not alone. We’ve reviewed the most important details about health care reform below.

Common Questions

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What if I already have a health insurance plan?

How can I qualify for health care subsidies or discounts from the government?

What if I can’t afford to buy health insurance? Is Medicaid an option?

Common Issues

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