SelectHealth is an insurance company which provides health insurance coverage to Utah and Idaho residents. This nonprofit company provides many wonderful benefits and services for its members to enjoy. Formerly IHC Health Plans, this company became SelectHealth in 2006 and continues to provide affordable health care to its members.

SelectHealth’s Insurance Plans and Products

SelectHealth offers many different benefits and services to members within Idaho and Utah. With a large quantity of health insurance policy plans to choose from, both individuals and groups will find that their health care needs are met under these plans. Individuals/families will find that they can select a plan such as individual plans, kid’s plans and transition plans. Within each of these plans, the members will have access to various medical benefits and prescription drug benefits.

With regard to group plans, SelectHealth offers coverage to both small companies (50 employees and under) and larger companies (51 employees and above). Some of the benefits available under these two health insurance plans include medical benefits, dental benefits, prescription drug benefits and more. SelectHealth will work with employers to find a coverage plan which suits the needs of their company and employees in the best way possible.

SelectHealth Company Ratings

A.M. Best: B+

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4646 W. Lake Park Boulevard
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0192