Health Insurance for Single Parents

The main problem that single parents face when looking for a health insurance plan is this: affordability. Many single parents have little outside financial help when it comes to supporting their children, so every penny counts, including their health insurance pennies. So while single parents want to ensure that their children get all the medical attention and health care that they need, they also want to make sure that they can afford to pay for it.

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Health Insurance Options for New Parents

There are many health insurance programs available that are designed to offer health insurance coverage to children. The following are a few suggestions:


In the past, Single parents looking for family coverage had two options: they could apply for a family policy or a handful of individual policies. The family policy would offer better per person rates, but it would also require the recipient to pay for two adult plans, plus how ever many children plans they would need. Even if the family seeking coverage did not have two adults that they need to cover, as many single parent families don’t, they still had to pay for two adults. If the single parent chose to purchase individual policies for everyone in the family, they would have to spend more on higher rates.

However, now many employers are offering a more flexible health program for their employees called Employee-Plus-Spouse or Employee-Plus-Child. This type of plan is much more affordable for single parents because it allows them insure only themselves and their children.

These are state and federally funded programs that are designed to cover infants, children, and pregnant women. More information about these programs is available on our Children’s Health page.

Single parents face many challenges when it comes to raising their children alone. Thanks to renovations in the world of health insurance, finding appropriate and affordable health insurance is no longer one of them.