Smokers and Health Insurance

Approximately 18% of the U.S. adult population is addicted to cigarettes. If you are a smoker, your higher health insurance premiums may provide you with one more reason to quit.

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Risks of Smoking and Higher Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance companies pay attention to statistics, and the numbers show that smoking increases your risk of:

  • Heart Attack
  • Lung Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Lip, Oral Cavity, or Pharynx Cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Cancer of the Pancreas, Esophagus, or Stomach
  • Kidney and Renal Disease

Smokers die and average of 13 to 14 years earlier than non-smokers, and one of every five deaths in the United States is caused by a smoking related disease. All of this data means that health insurance providers consider smokers to be higher risk, and they adjust the costs of premiums accordingly.

The Road to Quitting

Quitting is one of the best decisions you can make for your health and for your finances. If you are having trouble quitting, don’t give up. Try these tips to help stay away from tobacco:

  • Ask your Family and Friends to Support You— Having the support of your loved ones can help you get through your withdrawal symptoms and give you the motivation you need to stay healthy.
  • Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy— Nicotine gum and patches can help lessen your cravings.
  • Hypnosis and Acupuncture— These alternative therapy methods have been shown to help some people in giving up tobacco.

Help is available. There many support groups and hotlines that can help you quit. Call the numbers listed below to find help in your area:

American Cancer Society:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

American Lung Association: