UnitedHealthcare is a name which many individuals are familiar with as it is a large insurance provider with a good reputation overall. This company serves 18 million individual members and has a provider base of over 470,000 physicians and 4,500 hospitals throughout the United States and four international locations. With a larger company such as UnitedHealthcare, one would not be surprised to find out that they offer a wealth of policy plans, benefits and services to their members.

UnitedHealthcare Plans, Products and Services

With regard to the health insurance plans offered, UnitedHealthcare offers plans specifically suited to individuals, families and employers which can include basic medical or more comprehensive plans containing medical as well as dental, vision, pharmacy and more. The large number of plans offered allow members to choose a plan which works well for them.

In addition to the large number of plans available, members will also have access to numerous benefits and services provided by this company. Health management and wellness programs are available to members as well as online access 24-hours a day in order for the members to find answers to a wide variety of questions. UnitedHealthcare also provides informative articles and guidelines for members to read and learn about health related items which may be of great importance to them.

UnitedHealthcare Company Ratings

A.M. Best: A

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The ratings above are a reflection of a company’s financial strength and potential for long term survival.

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